Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alex Michelle Templin Thomas.

Well, tonight is Alex's bachelorette party - so I figure is a good a day as any to do this post!

Let me just tell you a little of how we even became friends. 
In the 4th grade, I was in Mr. Park's/Mrs. Pendleton's class at Westfield Elementary.
Alex transferred from Alpine Elementary into our class, sometime during the 4th grade. 
I immediately liked her.
So I invited her into our "group." 
At the time our "group" consisted of: Me, Levi Gifford, Russell Williams, Dallin Powell, Tyler Harris, Nick Bradshaw, Jed Goeckeritz, Shayla Griggs, Rachel Mower, Tori Crowell, Sarah Paskett…and probably more people, but C'MON, it was the 4th grade, and it's hard to remember.
It became me, Alex, and Maddi. We were always together, attached at the hip. 
We played Jr. Jazz together, we played high school basketball together, and we played Jr. Jazz together again. Just the best of friends. 
And it stayed that way until…11th grade, I believe.
And then I met Luc Jackman. 
And I pretty much left all my friends at that point, for a really long time. 
And then she met Trav. 
And we kind of went our separate dating ways. 
We were still friends, obviously. Just not so attached at the hip anymore.
And then we started back up again when senior year got over. 
Attached at the hip again, all summer.
And then I went to Snow College.
But that didn't change anything.
I still came home every weekend, and slept at her apartment and went to dances, etc. 
And then we met Sam Katoa, and Mitch Harrison, and Marquis Davis, and we were all the best of friends! I miss that sometimes. 
And then I get short term memory loss, but I believe things changed when I met Taylor Savio.
A lot of things changed when I met that boy.


The point I'm trying to make, is that she became my best friend in the 4th grade.
If you're bad at math or something, that was TWELVE YEARS AGO. 
And even when we grow apart, or get caught up in our own lives, the friendship remains. TWELVE YEARS LATER.
We made mistakes together. We watched each other fix our lives. We cried together. We laughed our heads off together. We found out what love ISN'T together. We dated to wrong boys together. And now, we got married in the same year together. 
When I think of my childhood, it usually comes with at least 5 memories of Alex Michelle Templin.
She's that one friend you have, where you can not talk for a year, and then the second you hang out again, it is exactly the same as it was a year ago. And she will forever be one of my best friends.
And I am SO SO SO EXCITED for her to marry Trav in 10 days. 

Here is our best friendship throughout the years in pictures, so you can better see what I'm trying to say, since my words are failing me miserably:


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