Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Secret Revealing Time.

I just like everyone who reads my blog. So much.
And as a big thanks for being so supportive and nice about my addiction with sharing every detail about my wonderful husband, I decided to share a secret with you guys.
I never ever ever show this side of me.
Mostly because my cousin is the singer of my mom's family.
And my dad's family is full of singers. One is actually a professional opera singer.
But my mother-in-law insists that I share it regardless.
Enjoy my little secret past-time I guess.


One time I babysat my little cousin for a week, and she sang "Jar of Hearts" with me and it is heart-melting! 


  1. oh my gosh. i died on the jar of hearts one. but dang girl, you got some pipes! bradley and i agreed i'd definitely listen to you sing all day :)

    1. I could just kiss you and Bradley RIGHT ON THE FACES.