Monday, April 29, 2013

Cole Update.

Just updating you about Cole and the Police Academy, for all his family that reads this.
Because he doesn't really like to brag.
But I pretty much live to brag about him.

So, he has exactly 17 days until he graduates from the Police Academy.
Can you believe that?
It is coming up so soon.

He interviewed with the OremPD and the LehiPD last week.
The interview process goes like this:
1. The Physical Portion
If you pass the Physical Portion, then you advance to
2. The Written Test
If you pass the Written Test, then you advance to
3. A Verbal Interview

He passed all 3 Portions with both PDs.

He finished FIRST in the Physical Portion for BOTH PDs.
Can you believe that? There are around 100 people that test, and he got #1 both times.
He is a freaking beast.

He did well on the Orem written test, and got THE TOP SCORE on the Lehi written test.

Orem took the top 10 candidates, and Cole was #13.
The 10 before him all were either already Police Officers, or had some sort of Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.
So he wasn't too sad about it.
Especially since the closest person to him in his Police Academy class was #67th.

A little birdy (The Lehi Chief of Police) told us there is a good chance he is going to get hired onto Lehi.


If you would like to attend his graduation, comment and I will give you the details!

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