Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mr. And Mrs. Peterson.

Wow. Where do I even start?
I am married to the most incredibly wonderful man in the history of the world. Literally.

My favorite part about being married?
Waking up.
Guys. When I wake up, he's right there.
And he smiles at me, and hugs me, and tells me how much he's going to miss me at work.

I think I've developed separation anxiety.
I'm not kidding.
When we were dating, he was going to work and school, just like he is now, and I would see him for MAYBE 2 hours a day. It was hard, but it was fine.
It is so much harder to be away from him.
Something happened in the temple, that bound me to him in the most unworldly ways possibly forever, and I just can't quite shake it.

The temple.
Everything I feel about the temple is made up of the uttermost respect and endearment.
SO I would never reveal it's sacredness on this mediocre blog.
But I WILL say, that I came out a different person.
It is Cole and Me. No one else.
I love my family with every stitch in me - but Cole is my family now.
I have the best friends on the planet - but Cole is my best friend now.
And the rest of my life is going to consist solely on living in a way that I will never have to live without him again.

I just wish I could write down the things I feel.
Because I feel so different.
Now that I've entered the temple - I can't live without it ever again.
Now that I feel bound to Cole - I get antsy away from him.

I love Cole.
I love being married.
I love my Father in Heaven.
I love His plan.

I shutter when I think about how my life might have ended up if I would have followed MY plan instead of HIS plan.
"I gave in, and admitted God was God." -C.S. Lewis

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