Wednesday, January 23, 2013



In honor of this LEGENDARY day, I am going to tell you 17 things you might not know about Cole Ryan Peterson.


1. He shivers faster than anyone I've ever met. If we are in the cold for more than .005 seconds, you better believe he is already shivering his guts out.

2. When he sings, he all of a sudden sounds like a really old cowboy. I have absolutely no idea why it happens.

3. When he smiles, he has a dimple on his right cheek that just melts the world. But only one. It's even cuter than having two, I'm convinced.

4. He works at Osmond Design in the warehouse, building and delivering freakishly expensive furniture. This is good for Amanda Grace for two reasons. 1) If anything every breaks or gets damaged, they give it to him for free, and he comes home and fixes it, resulting in a free $200 or so lamp, etc.
2) We get a WICKED discount.

5. He is extremely good at basketball, without ever actually playing on a basketball team. My family is thrilled about that, so he can join in on their family basketball games.

6. He can impersonate a French person better than actual French people.

7. He also shimmies better than every girl in the world.

8. He hates pickles, but lovvvvves Dill Pickle Seeds. It is the weirdest thing in the world.

9. When he eats fast food, he orders his burgers plain, because it only tastes good if he puts the ketchup and mustard on himself. (Don't even ask, I don't even know).

10. If the Jazz or BYU game is on, he cannot focus on anything else in sight.

11. If he's REALLY, REALLY happy, his laugh turns into a giggle.

12. He physically can't go cross-eyed.

13. His nostrils can flare as big as an ape.

14. Instead of saying "warm" like a normal person, he pronounces it "w-ARE-m." And instead of saying "orange," he says "arrange."

15. He can eat pistachios and fruit-by-the-foots by the pound.

16. He claims he drinks tons of milk, yet I've never seen him drink a single sip.

17. When changing the volume in the car, if the number is under 10, it has to be an even number, if it is above 10, it has to be in increments of 5… (OCD much?)

I love every single tiny quirk about this human being. And I CANNOT WAIT for him to be mine forever in 17 days.

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